jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Pensamientos en el IRC

No podia dejar de publicar algunas frases de desesperación y/o autismo de los participantes del último Defcon CTF 2010 Quals.

Todo g33k tiene la obligación de reirse!

w33t34m|Luwenth: I want a better brain than the one I have

[w33]deorth: oh f300 how we hate you
[00:34] Giant: f300 should be banned.

[01:12] AuTolyCos: give me hint~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:12] foreee: Me too
[01:13] [InVaR]KwKeeper: me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[01:13] [skat8rs]beist: give me some food

[01:38] foreee: i wanna for100 needdd im got mad:

<|[censored]|> fuck I have an exam in two hours
(lo dijo cerca del final de los prequals - 4:00AM)

<[ddtek]mars> QUALS ARE OVER
<[ddtek]vulcan> QUALS ENDS IN 30 MIN!!!!
(Lo decia cada cierto tiempo, uno de los organizadores del wargame)

(un auto deface)

DELETE * FROM scores WHERE score <= 6000

are you even human?

Me too. Got a bucket of Vasoline and a special Colombian
donkey video.

<[sk8ers]beist> headache+++

<[vand]yotta> oh god, fuck f300

20 hours of my life gone

<[UM]Jolly> evil evil f300

<[vand]yotta> also i wasted like 5 hours on pkt100 before giving up
<[vand]yotta> :(

pkt100 is hell

(de acuerdo)

<[UM]rIncredible> There's obviously no good english resource.
<[UM]rIncredible> All the top teams are non-US.
<[painsec]Hockey> Yep, there are none.
<[UM]rIncredible> So, go learn another language?

I'm fairly sure killing sheep wouldn't delight ddtek at all.

What does pkt100 want from me?!

<[rewtarded]ar1s> t500 makes us mad

plz hint~ f300
f300 requires you to meditate on the cosmos, the fundamental
underpinnings of quantam mechanics, and the orientations of
spins of burros in schrodinger's mom's box

yeah because of the asteroid headed towards earth

any can tell me the trivia 200, im not compiting im to learn about this

give up now! quals is a lie. no hope for you!
especially for burros in columbia!
think of the burros!
think of the burros!
(no me hizo tanta gracia)

<[jnop]neutral> For the love of god. Packet 100 must be staring us in the
<[UM]rIncredible> It is

It's officially my birthday. 26 years down, hopefully millions to
go :D


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